Update-ModuleManifest is Back

Update-ModuleManifest is Back

Starting with Windows Management Framework 5.1 PowerShell now comes with Update-ModuleManifest. This is after Update-ModuleManifest broke and was removed from WMF 5.

WMF 5.1 has been added to Windows 10 build 14342 and can be installed using the fast ring.

Note: If you’ve been relying on a wildcard to load all of your exported functions you may run into issues.


See, using wildcards cause up to 15 seconds of lag when loading the module. The new Update-ModuleManifest now explicitly creates an empty collection if you don’t provide input to the corresponding parameter. Make sure to explicitly state which functions, variables, and cmdlets.


2 thoughts on “Update-ModuleManifest is Back

  1. Update-ModuleManifest is in PowerShellGet I have it on Windows 10.0.10586 with PowerShell 5.0.10586.122. Sadly, the help is broken. I’ll try to figure out what’s wrong with it.

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